Pet Therapy

Medical studies have confirmed what we all know from experience: spending time with an affectionate pet makes us feel better. In fact, interaction with a compassionate animal can significantly improve mental and physical health, as well as reduce stress, depression and anxiety. A well-trained pet can make a huge difference to our overall well-being, providing the comfort of unconditional love to those needing extra emotional support.
At Emmaus, we are currently training Hunter, our “gentle giant” Golden Doodle, as an Assisted Therapy Dog. Upon request, Hunter can be a part of the therapeutic team. He loves to greet clients as they arrive and offer his own contribution of unconditional love. After the session begins, he will settle and be a calming presence in the room. Some clients who have been anxious find that being able to pet Hunter provides a sense of peace and calm.

Even if you are not anxious, clients find having Hunter in the room to be a welcome addition to the therapy. You can request that Hunter join the session [at no extra charge], he is always happy to oblige.