Emotional HelpBuilding healthy relationships through individual, couple, marriage and family therapy

If you are experiencing difficulty in relationships, our trained, professional staff are here to help. For those wrestling with issues from their family of origin, we offer individual psychotherapy (counseling for depression, anxiety, family of origin issues); for couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship, we offer marriage therapy (couple counseling for increasing couple communication skills, for increasing skills for conflict resolution); for parents needing help resolving issues with their children, we offer family therapy (helping parents and teens to negotiate better resolutions to difficult family situations); for those experiencing difficulty in their sexual relationship, we offer sex therapy (issues related to desire, arousal, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, painful intercourse).

Serving all Ontario through secure online video conferencing.

Choosing a therapist, someone who will walk with you through painful aspects of your life, is a very sensitive issue. We encourage you to take the time to find the right match. Before you book an appointment at any therapist’s office, we encourage you to become an “educated consumer”. Take 20 minutes to read our articles on Marriage and Family Therapy and Sex Therapy plus the profiles of our therapist.

If you decide that Emmaus Counselling Services are the right place for you, contact our office and book an appointment. Our therapist will help you to build the healthy relationship that you seek!