Counselling ServicesThe Gospel of Luke (24: 13 – 35) tells about two travellers who were journeying from the city of Jerusalem to the town of Emmaus. While on route they were joined by a stranger. He asked why the two looked so downcast. They proceeded to tell him how terrible they perceived their situation to be. Upon hearing their story, the stranger asked if indeed all hope was really lost. Then he began to re-interpret their circumstances and to demonstrate that they were really at the threshold of an exciting new beginning! It was as they reached the town of Emmaus that the two travellers realized that the stranger who had accompanied them was Jesus himself! At Emmaus  Counselling Services we accompany travellers who journey down their own Emmaus road. Events from their past or their current circumstances have caused them to lose hope. Some come with relationship issues (such as dealing with concerns about their marriage, their family, or their family of origin); some come with personal issues (such as dealing with anxiety, depression, anger, or low self-esteem); some seek recovery from past traumas (such as physical, emotional or sexual abuse). For those who come with a Christian perspective, we invite Jesus to accompany us on the healing journey.

Emmaus provides an opportunity to explore these issues with a trained professional counsellor. The counsellor brings the best insights from contemporary psychology and traditional Christian theology. The combination of both perspectives provides an atmosphere in which hope can be rekindled. With that hope we see that we are at the threshold of a new beginning for the healing and restoration of individuals, marriages and families.